The strawberry season will soon begin - time to deal with various symptoms with the red fruits.

Strawberries not only make children's eyes shine - they are still one of the most popular fruits in the home garden and in the field. Hardly anyone can resist when the glossy red fruit flashes appetizingly between the lush green leaves. Not only are they rich in vitamins and trace elements, they can also alleviate symptoms and promote the healing process in the event of illness. The healing properties of strawberries were known even in ancient times. In Greek mythology, when the blood of Adonis and the tears of Aphrodite combine, the wild strawberry grows there. It was already used by the Greeks as a medicinal plant for biliary and liver diseases.


The season for local fruits in Germany begins in May, both for wild wild strawberries and cultivated strawberries, and ends in June. They are characterized by their high vitamin C content, which increases the more ripe the strawberries are. But their leaves also contain a lot of vitamin K, B vitamins, biotin and folic acid. They are also low in calories and easy to digest. The Ellagic and Ferulic acid contained in the fruit can prevent heart attacks and thrombosis.


The phytochemicals contained in strawberries offer an additional health benefit: polyphenols inhibit inflammation and strengthen the cardiovascular system, stimulate the body's immune cells and can thus possibly even prevent cancer.


The tannins contained in the leaves promote digestion, counteract inflammation and help with wound healing. Salicylic acid works against skin problems such as acne, warts or corns, relieves minor injuries, rashes or irritation. On hot summer days, chilled fresh strawberries are a tasty refreshment for those who are struggling with the heat or have circulatory problems. You can cool the body down.


Thanks to their diverse ingredients, strawberries are true all-rounders in the fight against various diseases, such as asthma, diabetes, gout, flu infections, skin irritation such as sunburn. They can also alleviate fatigue as a symptom with their high vitamin C content.