Another risk has recently been added to influenza: the novel corona virus is spreading all over the world. What remains is to strengthen the body's defenses and to withdraw from social life if possible.

It's not just the corona virus that poses great challenges to people all over the world. There is the older lady who is worried about her health and does not want to leave the house for fear. Or the parents who want to stay energetic in order to continue to take care of their offspring and their work.


No herb is currently growing against Corona itself.

But there are many things you can do to boost your immune system and fight viruses. This is possible with helpers from nature, for example pineapples. Pineapple is a delicious vitamin bomb and healthy at the same time. The enzyme bromelain ensures this. It has an anti-inflammatory, blood-thinning and decongestant effect. While the vitamins it contains strengthen the immune system, the enzyme works primarily in the form of tablets in the case of traumatic or postoperative swelling of the nose and sinuses. Athletes also appreciate the decongestant effect of sports injuries and the relief from sore muscles.


Those who suffer from digestive problems are also well advised to eat pineapple, because the enzymes it contains simply replace the digestive enzymes in the stomach. Pineapple is very well tolerated and has little or no side effects for people who are not allergic to it.


In addition to the elderly, the group also includes people who are exposed to severe stress or have an unbalanced diet, smokers or competitive athletes who are often affected by a weakened immune system. In these cases, pathogens such as corona are easy.


It is important for the immune system to have a diet with a high proportion of fresh plant-based foods, such as pineapples. However, experience shows that many people do not follow this recommendation. For a strong immune system, the body needs an adequate supply of micronutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin D, which contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. Immune-specific substances such as zinc and selenium help to protect the body cells from oxidative stress.


However, this does not release people, especially those who belong to the corona risk group, from the obligation to avoid the risk of infection as much as possible. Tips for a strong immune system:


  • ·        Alternating showers and sauna visits activate the immune system.
  • ·        A diet with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and immune-active substances such as vitamin C and vitamin D strengthens the immune system.
  • ·        Exercise endurance regularly to support the immune system
  • ·        Sleep well and relax
  • ·        Every day in the fresh air, at least half an hour


  • ·        In times of Corona: avoid social contacts as much as possible.