Some people swear by the healing powers of magnetic fields, for example to relieve pain.

Magnetic field therapy assumes that all living things have an electromagnetic field that can be influenced or weakened by various factors, which creates health problems. With the help of various types of magnetic field therapy, the electromagnetic field in the body is to be positively influenced and health is to be restored.


There are different forms of magnetic field therapy: A distinction is made between static and pulsating therapy. Both are non-invasive. There is also invasive magnetic field therapy, which is also called electro-osteostimulation. It can be assumed that medical practitioners in China used magnetic stones for treatment around 2000 years ago. The ancient Romans and Egyptians are said to have used the power of magnetic stones, magnetic bars and magnetic jewelry. The famous Greek doctor Hippocrates (460 to 375 BC) also suspected that magnets have healing properties, and Paracelsus (1493 to 1541) also regularly included magnets in his therapy work.


The areas of application were broad and ranged from depression to hemorrhoids and inflammation to general strengthening of health and stimulation of self-healing powers. According to tradition, the doctor Franz Anton Mesmer (1734 to 1815) even gave a blind pianist her eyesight back with the help of a “magnetic cure”. 


The discovery of electricity opened up completely new possibilities for the use of magnets. The "new" magnetic therapy, which subsequently developed, had little in common with the "old" magnetic therapy. in the 19th and 20th centuries, many scientists dealt with the biophysical and physiological mechanisms of action of magnetic field therapy. To date, however, these have not been fully researched and confirmed, although there are now thousands of medical studies published on the effectiveness of various health complaints. 


The forms of therapy that are predominantly used today are largely due to a procedure that the surgeon Fritz Lechner and the physicist Werner Kraus developed together in the 1970s. Pulsating magnetic fields were used for the first time.

Magnetic field therapy is based on the fact that every living being and every human cell has an electromagnetic field. It is believed that health problems arise when this field is weakened by various influences. In magnetic field therapy, a weak magnetic field is generated with the help of technical devices, which should have a positive influence on the electromagnetic field in the cells and thus restore health.


The smallest "living" building block of humans is the cell. Every human being is made up of about 100 trillion cells. Each and every one of them has to be constantly supplied with oxygen and nutrients. There is electrical voltage between the outside and the inside of the cell membrane, the so-called membrane potential. The cells constantly communicate with each other. Improper nutrition, environmental pollution, stress and much more can have a negative impact. As a result, the cells can no longer work properly. If additional stresses such as smoking, alcohol or the like are added, symptoms such as chronic fatigue, headaches, reduced performance and sleep disorders can arise.


The membrane potential of the cells normally has a voltage of seventy to ninety millivolts. Representatives of magnetic therapy assume that sick cells have a lower membrane potential than healthy cells. The use of the magnetic field is intended to revitalize the cells with an energy boost in order to alleviate the symptoms or even heal them. The vascular blood flow and thus the oxygen supply and the energy metabolism of the cells are to be improved. The immune system is also said to be boosted by the treatment.