The federal government has banned contact to curb the corona pandemic. Single people especially suffer from isolation and sometimes react with fear. 



People who live alone and have no partner or children know the situation of sometimes just being at home and not seeing a soul. But this state of affairs is then voluntary - unlike in the current situation, in which the federal government imposed a block on contacts in order to curb the corona pandemic.



Contact ban, quarantine, home office - we are currently in a completely new situation. Most people don't even know being alone overnight and feeling loneliness. Many are even afraid of isolation. In this situation, according to experts, it is important to be aware of the difference between being alone and loneliness. Loneliness is not a condition, but a feeling. So you are alone and feel lonely. Anyone who is alone is particularly easy now. People who are stressed about appointments find it easier at the beginning of isolation, are sometimes even happy about the forced break - but then fall into a hole.


To ease this situation is a matter of the head. Just positive thoughts can be a little help against the impending camp collapse. It is about changing the mindset and changing terms such as "no contact" or "I have to stay at home" into "protection ordinance" or "precautionary restrictions".


It is also important to structure the day anyway to get used to a new routine. This includes, for example, banal things like getting up at fixed times to get dressed. Clothes make people, and it makes you feel good to be “out and about”. If you spend the whole day in a jogging suit on the couch, you will quickly feel worn out. It is advisable to think carefully about what there is still to do in the household that you have not yet come across: mucking out the closet, reading a book, starting a new sport with a DVD or learning a language are just a few examples.


If fears do arise, nobody should remain alone. It is good to put these fears on paper in uncensored form, but also to ask yourself whether you are scaring yourself or whether it is the situation. These fears should also be communicated - be it with your partner, family, or with a professional advisor. Telephone counseling is also suitable for this in times of Corona.


Nature also offers helpers against fear and restlessness. Especially if they restrict those affected in their everyday life. Valerian can help with sleep disorders, anxiety or nervousness and is available in various forms: as a tablet, tincture or tea. Melissa also calms down nervous sleep disorders and stimulates the appetite. Hops are used to calm down restlessness, anxiety, tension and sleep disorders. The natural agent contains bitter substances that have a calming effect and kill bacteria.


Against the corona blues, it is also advisable to exercise regularly - even alone - in the fresh air in order to clear your head and recharge your batteries. The spring sun also contributes to this.